Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan

7 Posts

Ahmed Khan, a British-Pakistani critic based in Houston, writes about the representation of Muslims in Western cinema.

Alejandro Ruiz

Alejandro Ruiz is a Mexican-American film critic whose work is a vibrant exploration of Latin American cinema and its role in cultural representation.

Anita Desai

Anita Desai, an Indian-American critic in New Jersey, specializes in cross-cultural themes in film, promoting multicultural understanding and integration.

Coralexa Vito
Coralexa Vito is an Italian-American film critic whose reviews command respect and authority in the world of cinema. Born into a family with deep roots in the movie industry, Vito’s passion for film was ignited at a young age. Her writing style is often described as captivating and uncompromising, reflecting her unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. Vito’s reviews delve deep into the intricate details of filmmaking, dissecting the nuances of cinematography, direction, and performances with a keen eye.
David Kim

David Kim

8 Posts

David Kim is a Korean-American critic based in Seattle, renowned for his deep dives into the intersection of technology and cinema.

Elena Rodriguez

Elena Rodriguez, a Spanish-American based in Phoenix, writes with passion and insight about European and Latin American films.

Emily Zhang

Emily Zhang is a Chinese-American critic who has carved a niche for herself by focusing on Asian cinema and the diaspora experience.

Fatima Zahra

Fatima Zahra, a Moroccan critic based in New Orleans, specializes in African and Middle Eastern cinemas, using her platform to advocate for human rights.

Forrest Jenner
Forrest Jenner is an American film critic whose reviews are celebrated for their warmth, sincerity, and down-to-earth perspective. Born in a small town in Alabama, Jenner’s love for cinema blossomed from his childhood fascination with the stories and characters that graced the silver screen. His writing style is marked by a genuine appreciation for the art of storytelling and a keen ability to connect with the emotional core of a film.
Grace Park

Grace Park

9 Posts

Grace Park, a critic from Los Angeles, has carved a niche for herself by focusing on documentaries and their role in environmental activism.

Henry Cho

Henry Cho

6 Posts

Henry Cho, based in Nashville, is known for his deep appreciation of classic American cinema and its enduring influence on modern films.

Ian McAllister

Ian McAllister, a Scottish critic based in Philadelphia, brings a passionate and nuanced perspective to British cinema, with a particular focus on films that touch upon the theme of Scottish independence.

John Carter

John Carter brings a unique blend of political acumen and cinematic expertise to his film critiques.

Julia Santos

Julia Santos, a Brazilian-American critic in Miami, is celebrated for her vibrant and insightful reviews of South American films.

Laila El-Hashem

Laila El-Hashem, a Lebanese critic in Miami, specializes in Middle Eastern films, providing insightful commentary on the role of cinema in political movements.

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright from Denver is celebrated for her feminist film reviews and her staunch advocacy for women directors in Hollywood.

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson, a former filmmaker turned critic based in Atlanta, focuses his keen eye on African-American cinema.

Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Connor, an Irish-American critic in Chicago, has a penchant for dark comedies, using humor to critique political and social norms.

Mohammed Al-Sayed

Mohammed Al-Sayed, an Egyptian critic based in Dallas, writes with a keen focus on the intersection of film and politics in the Arab world.

Nina Kowalski

Nina Kowalski, a Polish-born critic living in New York, offers a fresh perspective on European avant-garde cinema.

Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith, a young critic based in San Diego, writes with a keen eye on the impact of digital technology on film.

Raj Patel

Raj Patel

7 Posts

Raj Patel’s critiques are a forceful commentary on Bollywood’s portrayal of societal issues.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson’s background in American history enriches her film critiques, particularly of period dramas.

Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin, a French expatriate in Washington, D.C., focuses on French cinema and its global influence.

Svetlana Ivanova

Svetlana Ivanova, a Russian expatriate in Boston, brings a unique perspective to her critiques of post-Soviet cinema.

Tom Lee

Tom Lee

10 Posts

Tom Lee, a critic from Boston, is known for his analytical reviews of political thrillers, offering keen insights into themes of government transparency and corruption.

Yumi Takahashi

Yumi Takahashi, a Japanese critic based in Portland, specializes in anime and its cultural implications.